Memories with Ee Yan Tan

I met her at Adam Khoo’s Wealth Academy for the first time. She was a volunteer coach taking care of new students. I still remember the time vividly. At that time, I wore contact lenses and couldn’t find a disposable eye drop to clear a dirt. I was slow for the next action. She realised that and talked to me.


“Is there anything that I can help you?” “Something got inside my eye and I’m looking for a disposable eye drop, but I couldn’t find” “Oh wait a moment” She went to other students and talked to each one of them. “Here you go” When she came back to me, she passed me exactly the same type of eye drop I was looking for.


Amazing hospitality! Or if I describe with words commonly used in seminars, I would say, “she is committed to achieve goals”. That was the moment I know she liked to show her commitment by action as a senior. I want to be like her! I am simply impressed and became a volunteer staff, too.


I shared a lot of pleasant time and space with her in the past. I have learned many things from her as she is a life coach with constant never-ending improvement spirit. Since I met her, I have learned many different ways of coaching, healing and therapy. Whenever I learned something new, I asked her to experience new methods which I acquired. We laughed and joked a lot. We chat for so long over her favourite Kopi-o-kosong (black coffee, no sugar)


However, when I heard about her critical condition in hospice, the first feeling came up to my mind was regret. I saw her photo 2 days before she passed away in Facebook. It was a group photo taken at Adam Khoo’s seminar called Patterns of Excellence and posted on Adam’s Facebook page. Somehow she caught my attention as a close-up image and stayed in my mind longer than usual.


All of sudden, I recalled the last conversation with her. Some words trigger bitter feelings. I felt at loss, but I changed my mind and just focused on what I have to do. On the next day, I was informed by our mutual friend that she was admitted to the hospice. I cannot just sit down and do nothing. I started contacting other friends and planned to see her asap. But the next news I got was about her death.


I couldn’t be on time. I cannot see her again. I felt so much pain and chat with another mutual friend. I shared the story happened 2 days ago and found that she also had a similar experience. We shared how we felt at that moment. As she knew I didn’t know how to organise my feelings, she told me the prayer she sent to her.


Forgive us

We forgive each other

Hear what you had been forgiven

Now you are free

We love you



Honestly speaking, I got so surprised. I’ve never heard any other prayer which can describe my thoughts so accurately. It does fit into my heart. I repeated the prayer for many times. The more I repeat, the lighter I felt. Finally, I am saved. I felt relieved.


A sense of tiredness felt all over the body was disappearing. The fight was over. She did all her best to live to the fullest. She could have been laughing and enjoy her favourite Kopi-O-kosong in heaven by now.


“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

- Timothy 4:7


This verse describes her life so well. She deserves the victory in Heaven. May her soul rest in peace.