Someday never comes

I've just wrttien the letter to someone who needs a surgery asap. 
Well, I cannot do more than this, but I do hope he will go for it.
"Dear Mr. xxx,
How have you been? Hope it's a good day to you!
Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to connect you with hospitals in Japan. I just hope you can have the best surgery in the world.
Please allow me to share my personal story.
My mother passed a way at the end of Dec 2006.
She lost my brother who committed suicide on 2004.
He couldn't act cool in front of a girl he likes.
So he took his own life.
At that time, he was already 23 years old, but he was such a sensitive guy.
He hanged himself in the closet at home alone.
My mother was so worried that she couldn't reach him for a few days.
So she visited him together with my younger sister and the owner of the apartment.
She burst into cry because she saw his dead body.
Obviously, she went into depression.
In the next year, her mother passed away at the old age.
When she was alive, she couldn't tell her own son's death to her.
It was too embarrassing for her to tell that to her own mother.
She cried everyday and got slimmer and slimmer.
My brother who is a medical doctor forced her to go to hospital.
At that time, she was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Unfortunately, it was already at the last stage.
I visited her in the hospital where my brother worked for.
I didn't know how to talk to her when I was with her for a week.
She said she felt happy because 4 kids became ladies and gentlemen.
I made a decision to to leave Singapore to go back home for good.
But it was too late. She passed away in the next month already.
I have been procrastinating many things. 
None of us couldn't show her grandchildren. 
I have been blaming myself why I couldn't save my younger brother.
After that I lost my mother too.
It took 10 years not to feel guilty about them.
I know I have no choice but to accept who I am now.
Just that I felt that I should share my story before it gets too late.
I'm sure you are in God's hand and very safe.
I do hope you would go through the best operation.
Best regards,